Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have been away for a family vacation, but I am back. It was the best vacation, we went to Disney World. It truly is a magical place. I felt different there, that my dreams and wishes could come true. 

I made some great observations though while on vacation. 

Us Airways is a big supporter of military families. They participate in a program called Honor Flights. They fly American Heroes, Veterans, to Washington DC for free to see their memorials. They also offer discounts to military families. 

We also went to Sea World while on vacation. My kids loved the Shamu show. I was very impressed with Sea World though. Before the show started they announced that all Veterans and active Military stand up. They applauded and thanked the military personnel for their freedom to be there doing what they love to do. They showed the crowd of people standing on the  big screen. More places should do this, we would not be free if it was not for the military personnel and their families.

Now that I am back from vacation in the best place in the world I will be focused on this mission. I have some great things coming and will be needing everyone's help.

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