Wednesday, February 6, 2013


So I am sitting at the table with my 3 year old son and my mom. My son is being forgetful about his manners. I am trying to nicely remind him about his manners. He ignores me. My mom tries to remind him of his manners, he ignores her. This goes on for a while. At this point I am getting irritated and he is feeding off of it. In desperation I say to him Army guys have manners they are the most well mannered people and if you want to be an Army guy than you better use your manners. He sat up straight and and was the poster boy for perfect manners.

It amazes me that at the age of 3 he is so perceptive and determined. He already has adventure in his mind that he wants to be an Army guy and he will act accordingly.

We do not preach to him about Army guys or being in the military, but he picks up on the conversations we do have, he is 3 remember. My guess is that there are kids out there that are not around others that talk about the pride of being an American. These are natural conversations in my house and I happy that my kids will grow up that way. Who knows maybe my son will be an Army guy some day, but until then I will use the Army guy manners as long as I can.